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About the Employer Nomination Scheme

The Employer Migration Program has 2 temporary visas and one permanent visa, that offers 2 application streams.

• Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) Sponsorship Visa – Subclass 482

• Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) Visa – Subclass 494

• Permanent Employer Nomination Visa (ENS) – Subclass 186

Nomination is different from Sponsorship

The 186 visa is also known as the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) Visa. It is a permanent visa where your employer nominates you.

There are 2 streams for this visa:

  • 1 Temporary Residence Transition: where you apply after you have worked for the same employer in the same position while holding a TSS 482 visa for at least 3 years, or
  • 2 Direct Entry Stream: where you apply anytime without having to have worked for the employer for 3 years. In fact you could even apply before having worked for the employer at all.
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The Direct Stream requires applicants to obtain a positive Skills Assessment in the position being offered and show evidence of having at least 3 years of full time (or equivalent part-time) work experience in the same role.

In both Streams, only applicants whose occupations are on the MLTSSL can apply. Except for some applicants who meet Transitional Arrangements.

There is an age limit too: 45 years.

Employers also have to make a contribution to the Skilling Australians Fund but they don’t have to test the local market by advertising the position for at least 28 days to show evidence that they tried to find a local worker for the role.

Working with Bravo Migration, you will have a dedicated Registered Migration Agent and a Case Manager. This means the whole process will be:


The fact that we have worked on thousands of applications like yours means that we know what works. We will ask you for the correct documents with the correct information in a straight-forward manner and will prepare your process properly and provide all the correct documents to the Department of Immigration.

More efficient

Efficient when dealing with an honest , competent and experienced Registered Migration Agent you maximize your chances of a positive outcome in a faster manner, as we will prepare a decision-ready application, minimising delays.


The agent will also monitor your case until the Department of Immigration approves it, keeping you informed of its progress and about any changes in legislation that may affect the outcome of your case.

All our Registered Agents migrated to Australia in the past too, so they understand how anxious you may be. No other firm can offer you this kind of understanding. 

We look forward to taking care of your case!

Free Assessment

If you have a Job Offer from an Australian employer, you qualify for a Free.

Assessment where we will identify if you are eligible for a visa. No obligations!

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