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Get peace of mind knowing you made the best choice

Our Registered Migration Agents work with you to find if you qualify for a visa. We also prepare and lodge your applications, so you can rest assured you are avoiding errors and speeding up results.

Assessment & Application Services: Individuals & Employers


A Registered Migration Agent determines if you qualify, then prepares and lodges all your applications, together with a dedicated Case Manager, who will take care of you until your visa is approved.


Whether you want to employ an overseas worker or invest in a business in Australia, our Registered Migration Agents can assist with services tailored to the specific size & industry of your business.

How we work

Visa Action Plan

Find out if you qualify for a visa by booking a Visa Action Plan consultation with one of our Registered Migration Agents. Get clear answers and a realistic strategy during your zoom consultation.

Application Service

If we identify that you qualify for a visa, we can offer to work on your application. We can prepare and lodge all your applications. We have worked on thousands of cases like yours, so we know what works when dealing with the Department of Immigration.

Study Assistance

Bravo Study is our in-house Study Division that can assist you if you want to study in Australia, be it because that’s your plan, or if our Registered Agents identified that studying in Australia is the best way to achieve your migration/visa objectives here.

 Book a Visa Assessment with Us