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A business operating outside of Australia may also be able to sponsor an employee to work in Australia to:

• Establish, or help establish, a business operation with connections with a business located outside Australia

• Fulfil, or help in fulfil, a contractual obligation.

Overseas Business Sponsors do not need to be operating in Australia but must meet all other employer eligibility requirements and the sponsorship obligations. The visa that will be granted to the employee will be a Subclass 482 Temporary Skill Shortage Visa as it would be in cases where the employer/sponsor is an Australian business.

As in the 482 visa sponsored by an Australian business, the visa holder is granted full-time work rights but they can only work for the sponsoring employer, in the nominated occupation. The employer must be approved by the Department of Immigration to become a sponsor. The visa is granted for up to 4 years but it can be extended for more time after that. We are happy to discuss your eligibility: we determine if your business can become an overseas sponsor and prepare and lodge all applications for you.

When dealing with an honest, competent and experienced Registered Migration Agent from Bravo Migration you maximize your chances of a positive outcome in a faster manner, as we will prepare a decision-ready application and minimise delays.

Let us guide you through exactly which documents are needed for your case. Why waste hours completing forms?

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Make sure your business and employee qualify

It is important to assess your business’ and future employee’s eligibility with a Registered Migration Agent who is experienced in this type of application. Contact Bravo Migration now!

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The Main Requirements

There are 3 stages involved in obtaining a Subclass 482 visa under sponsorship of an overseas business

Overseas Sponsorship Approval

  • The employer must obtain approval as an overseas business sponsor
  • The main requirement is that the business must be trading and operating, but not in Australia


  • The position being nominated must feature in a certain list issued by the Department of Immigration. Only occupations that require a certain skill level can be sponsored for the 482 visa.
  • The position being nominated must attract a salary package that meets the Minimum Salary as established by the Department of Immigration.
  • It is also necessary to demonstrate that the salary being offered meets average market rates for the role being offered
  • In some cases, it is necessary for the employer to demonstrate that he could not find an Australian citizen or permanent resident to fill the position.


  • The person being sponsored in the nominated occupation must have qualifications OR work experience is a relevant field.
  • They also need to demonstrate they meet the minimum English levels required, as well as health and character.

Work with us and ensure you will get a fast approval!

We are happy to discuss your eligibility and work with you to obtain overseas sponsorship status for your business, as well as visa approval for your employees.

We have worked with corporate clients in a variety of industries: accommodation, food and beverages, technology, marketing, advertising, manufacturing, events, trades services and many more.

Australian immigration rules are complex and prone to continuous changes: 

• Don’t spend hours researching legislation & requirements

• We give you clear answers and instructions.

We tell you what the requirements really are, and prepare and lodge all the applications on your behalf, so to avoid mistakes and get a fast approval.

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Working with Bravo Migration, you will have a dedicated Registered Migration Agent and a Case Manager. This means the whole process will be:


 The fact that we have worked on thousands of applications like yours means that we know what works. We will ask you for the correct documents with the correct information in a straight-forward manner and will prepare your process properly and provide all the correct documents to the Department of Immigration.

More efficient

When dealing with an honest, competent and experienced Registered Migration Agent you maximize your chances of a positive outcome in a faster manner, as we will prepare a decision-ready application, minimising delays.


The agent will also monitor your case until the Department of Immigration approves it, keeping you informed of its progress and about any changes in legislation that may affect the outcome of your case.

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