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We’re the best of both worlds

We combine the best things a large firm has to offer while keeping the soul and personal touch of a small firm.

Whether you are a migration agent in training, an experienced Registered Migration Agent, a passionate marketer or a customer service whiz, you will love working with us.

We are a very professional company that takes immigration law and its clients’ satisfaction very seriously. This is carried over to our employees’ and collaborators’ careers: we offer ongoing coaching and training and we are constantly developing people professionally and personally. We have clear goals for the organisation and each one of us and we provide support for you to achieve yours.

But while taking all that very seriously, our interactions with each other are most important and the main reason we are in business. Our company was created with a mission to advance and prosper the lives of everyone in our team and every single one of our clients.

The result is creating and maintaining a work environment with soul: we are a friendly and close-knit team where everyone is there for each other. Everyone works hard but we keep our passion for life, we put our hearts in everything we do and we know how to relax and have fun. The result is a happier work life for you and amazing rapport with our clients.

Our happiest moments are when our clients’ visas are approved and that is why we do what we do.

If you see yourself as part of our dynamic team, working in a fast-pace and growing company, send your Resume to us on visas@bravomigration.com.au