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We started aiming to be different

Bravo Migration’s founders worked in several Australian migration firms before they started their own in 2008. They started by questioning the service model most migration firms used and which in their opinion seemed to work well for migration agents and lawyers, but not so much for visa applicants.

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In a model that is not common in the industry

They created services that focus on people and innovation. Clients working with Bravo Migration get a dedicated Registered Migration Agent and a dedicated Case Manager, there is are always 2 experienced professionals dealing with each case and there is always someone available, at all times.

They also wanted to bring together the best of both worlds: access to excellent systems that ensure client’s cases and needs are taken care of with professionalism and efficiency, much like in larger firms, but with the personal care of a small practice.

We assess each case carefully and advise individuals and businesses about which visa and migration pathway is the most effective for them, working hard with clients on the front-end to ensure speedy approvals will be achieved, so you save time and money.

Our main goal is to get results: visa approvals for you or your employees. That is what we work for every day and we are always thinking about how to do this better and better.

Bravo Migration’s approval rate is extremely high, and so is the satisfaction levels of our clients.

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How are we different?

A small firm with one or two Registered Migration Agents may offer personal service and care enough about your case, but it lacks in infrastructure. If your Migration Agent goes on holiday what happens to you and your case? What happens when your Migration Agent is really busy and cannot handle all the cases they have, to the detriment of yours? What happens if you have an emergency and no one answers the phone?

A very large firm on the other hand, provides better infrastructure and you won’t have the problems above, but large firms have so many people and cases that you become just another number and case among many. And let’s be honest: large firms don’t care.

But, differently from a large firm, at Bravo Migration, we care.

And why do we care?

Because we have all migrated to Australia too! All Bravo Migration Agents migrated to Australia in the past too, so they understand how anxious you may be. No other firm can offer you this kind of understanding.

We have all been through what you are going now: we all one day decided to move to Australia and start a new life here. We understand first hand all the anxieties and worries an individual goes through during a visa process because we all had to apply for visas in the past.

As employers, Bravo Migration also sponsors and nominates employees under the 457 and ENS visa schemes, so we also understand Australian employers who want to secure overseas talent and have to navigate the complex Australian immigration rules.

The best part for us is: we enjoy as much as you do when we call you to tell you that your visa has been approved!

How to get your Australian PR in 2023

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Australian Visas and Study Specialists 

Australian Visas and Study Specialists 

Australian Visas and Study Specialists 

Australian Visas and Study Specialists 

Australian Visas and Study Specialists 

Australian Visas and Study Specialists 

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