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An overview of the upcoming changes to the Sponsorship Visa 482 in Australia for 2024, as part of the 10-year Migration Strategy.

A 10-year Migration Strategy for Australia was announced by the Australian government in December 2023, and one of the significant changes to expect in 2024 is related to the Sponsorship Visa 482.

According to the Australian Government, the new Migration Strategy aims to refocus Australia’s skilled migration system on developing an innovative and efficient workforce for the country’s future.

“We need a system that encourages, rather than prevents, workers in emerging occupations to join the Australian labour force” – Technology Council of Australia.

Here is a summary of what to expect for the sponsorship visa in 2024:

Sponsorship Visa 482 – Upcoming Changes for 2024

A new three-tiered system of visa pathways is set to replace the current TSS 482 Sponsorship Visa in 2024. Here’s what you need to know about it and the basic eligibility criteria for each pathway:

1 – Specialist Skills Pathway

  • Available to highly skilled specialist professionals who meet the general eligibility criteria (for example, be nominated by an approved employer, meet the health and character requirements) and who are:
    • in any occupation except trades workers, machinery operators and drivers, and labourers
    • earning or being offered at least $135,000 (the Specialist Skills Threshold) and no less than Australian workers in the same occupation.

2 – Core Skills Pathway

  • The Core Skills Pathway would be available to applicants who meet the general eligibility criteria (pretty much what the 482 visa is now) and:
    • whose occupation is on a new Core Skills Occupation List (which includes occupations such as trades workers, machinery operators and drivers, for example
    • earning a salary at or above the TSMIT $70-135,000

3 – Essential Skills Pathway

  • Focus on a more regulated pathway for lower-paid workers with essential skills, vital to supporting the living standards of Australians and where persistent shortages exist.
    • For those earning under $70,000
    • The Government will further evaluate how to develop and implement this visa pathway

When will these changes come into effect? 

According to the Action Plan published by the government, the changes to the Sponsorship Visa 482 will come into effect in “ late 2024”. Until then nothing changes!

IMPORTANT: If you are applying for a 482 visa before the end of 2024, all current requirements and legislation remain. As no one really knows what the new 3 pathways will require of applicants, we recommend that you lodge your 482 TSS visa as soon as possible to avoid changes that will impact you negatively.

If you already hold a 482 TSS visa none of the announcements will affect your current visa, even when they are implemented.

Will all three new pathways lead to PR via 186?

We believe it is likely to be the case: the current government has recently announced an expansion of the eligibility for the Employer Nomination Scheme – Subclass 186 visa, via Temporary Skill Shortage visa (TSS Sponsorship Visa) – Subclass 482, so it wouldn’t make sense to change that again anytime soon.

But, we don’t have confirmation of this yet. We will keep you posted!

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