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How can Australia’s Cybersecurity Strategy impact Australian immigration and provide new pathways for skilled professionals?

The Australian Government recently announced a plan to enhance the protection of infrastructure against cyber threats, as reports of cybercrime have risen by 23% compared to the previous year. 

The 2023-2030 Australian Cyber Security Strategy aims to strengthen Australia’s cybersecurity. The government has already allocated an additional $586 million to this strategy, supplementing the existing $2.3 billion cybersecurity budget.

All of this has significant implications for Australian immigration, particularly in the realm of skilled migration.

How can Australia’s cybersecurity create opportunities for immigration?

Among other strategies, the plan includes attracting migrants with cyber expertise to strengthen Australia’s cybersecurity workforce. This approach acknowledges the global nature of cyber threats and the necessity of a diverse, highly skilled workforce to combat these challenges. 

For Australia, this could mean an increased demand for specific visa categories tailored to skilled professionals in the cybersecurity sector. This initiative aligns with Australia’s broader objectives to fortify its digital infrastructure and develop a robust, resilient cyber defence system.

While it’s uncertain whether the Australian government will create a special visa for this purpose, we will keep you updated if they do so. For now, if you are a cybersecurity professional, we believe this may be a good opportunity to explore the Global Talent Visa.

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